PhanTribe makes it possible for you to offer ALL your employees to take part in the social community at your workplace around well-being activities.

What is PhanTribe?

PhanTribe has developed a year wheel program that creates social opportunities for your employees to participate in well-being activities and thereby strengthen your workplace community, build an inclusive corporate well-being culture and emphasize the sense of belonging for your employees.

  • We can help you digitize your current well-being activities, so all employees have an equal opportunity to participate regardless of time and place.

  • We can help you create some special lighthouse events for your employees and this way build some traditions around community and well-being.

  • We provide structure and continuity in your work with community and well-being and cut down the internal time spent on planning and carrying out such activities.

  • Our platform and program help with effective communication and event hosting, which makes it possible for you to be able to offer a wider and more interesting catalog of activities to employees.
  • Light House Events

    These events take place every year, creating an ongoing experience for your employees. They are exciting, enjoyable and most importantly inclusive. Packed full of both team and individual gamification elements, challenges and features making each one a memorable social event!

    1 week

    This is a step challenge create or join a team challenge each other and earn badges for your acomplishments the team with the most steps win!
    1 week

    This is a team event, complete 10 stages of 5km each (by running or walking) and solving a riddle. To solve the riddle, you will obtain clues by completing the 5km stages mentioned. One stage - one clue.
    2 - 3 weeks

    Mindful Weeks brings awareness on mental health by offering the employees to participate in challenges with their colleagues that supports building mental focus and awareness.


    step 1

    Walkathon Launch

    Before we launch the competition, we will provide you with invitation materials including: event video, posters and intranet posts.

    step 2

    Employee Onboarding & Team creation

    Extremely easy onboarding. Your employees will be able to create their own account and create or join teams, as well as inviting other colleagues with a click of a button!

    step 3

    Warm Up

    We provide a 2-4 day warm up period, to allow your employees to get to know their way around the app, before the comeptition starts. Making sure that when the competition does start everyone will be prepared to start stepping!

    step 4

    The Competition is on!

    The Event has started! work together for a global step goal and compete in teams and individually against each other to see who can walk the farthest.

    step 5


    Once the event is over, we showcase how well your employees did together as well as the winners in each representative field, the most steps per day, the most challenges won and more!

    step 6

    NPS Score

    We ask all active employees to give us a rating and we share all the activitty and data learned from this event with you free of charge!


    And it doesnt stop there! As well as the lighthouse events you can join together into clubs you are interested in Walking, Running, Fitness or Mindfulness or even all of them! There will be Monthly Club events 3 - 4 times a year, to keep the community social and active.

    PhanTribe Year Wheel


    Everyone can create one, for the team or the whole department. On location or online - all in one place.


    Challenge yourself in commiting to one of our activites, or join together with your buddy.


    Employees’ own workplace communities based on: Location, function or pure interest!

    Why Choose Us

    Social Inclusion

    To give you the opportunity to offer ALL your employees to take part in the social community, regardless of time, place, function etc.

    Create Traditions

    To create traditions with the yearly lighthouse events, that will strengthen company community.

    Year Wheel Program

    Year wheel program, we provide you structure and continuity in your work with community and well-being and cut down the internal time spent on planning and carrying out such activities.
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